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maandag 31 augustus 2015

Stencil work

Stencil are an fantastic medium for creating mixed media art. PanPastel can you also use for working with stencil. It is easy and gives an fantastic chalky look. 

My sample is only painted with 
Panpastel TitaniumWhite 100.5
Panpastel Black 800.5
Panpastel Silver 920.5
Panpastel Pewter 921.5

I worked with a two-step stencil and placed at first the shadow stencil on a black surface. 

To beginn I painted the complete shadow with Panpastel Pewter 921.5.

Then I placed the second stencil with the face and worked with Panpastel Black 800.5.

I rubbed some of PanPastel pigments onto the stencil and wiped it with the Tool into the lines. 

Work with the tool only in one direction, this protects the sponge.

The face was highlighted with Panpastel Silver 920.5.

The bacgground is created with some more stencil. At the bottom of the picture I applicated a script with structure paste. 

Followed from some other stencil elements with Panpastel TitaniumWhite 100.5 and Panpastel Pewter 921.5.

Added more elements with structure paste ...

and finished it with Tissue Tape  and Mica Tiles. 


2 opmerkingen:

Els zei

Wow that really is a fantastic work of art; looks fantastic and the explanation is very clear.
My compliments.

Hugs Els

Daniela Rogall zei

Thanks for your lovely comment Els.