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maandag 22 augustus 2016

Say it with flowers

Hello friends,

Today you see the last exsample for Pan Pastel BNL, but not the last with PanPastel :-)

Gessoboard, Size 24 cm x 18 cm

At first I painted my Gessoboard with PanPastel. I used Panpastel Diarylide Yellow, Orange, Magenta and Turquoise and fixed the color application.


The second layer is created with acrylic ground for pastels and a sponge. I gave acrylic ground to the sponge and created on my surface a texture.

Third Layer is a thin coat of Gesso.

Then I began to draw the first flower with different shades of yellow. 

Detail of the first flower.

The second flower is drawing with the same colors. 

This picture show details of the flowers and the textured background. 

Finished the background and gave them a bit more darkness. 

Colors I used:

Panpastel Diarylide Yellow 250.5

Panpastel Hansa Yellow 220.5

Panpastel Yellow Ochre Extra Dark 270.1

Panpastel Yellow Ochre 270.5

Panpastel Yellow Ochre Tint 270.8

Panpastel Orange 280.5

Panpastel Orange Shade 280.3

Panpastel Red Iron Oxide 380.5

Panpastel Magenta 430.5

Panpastel Turquoise 580.5

Panpastel Paynes Grey 840.3

Have you any questions, please ask. If you like to see more of my artwork visit my blog, my facebook page or follow me on instagram.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

creatieve groetjes,

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Rosie zei

I really love this artwork. Thank you for sharing