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donderdag 26 november 2015

Christmas Greeting Card

today you see my first christmas card.
Juhuu christmas card production begins!

This sample is created with 4 PanPastel colors

Panpastel Orange 280.5
Panpastel Permanent Red 340.5
Panpastel Rich Gold 911.5
Panpastel Chromium Oxide Green Shade 660.3

I love to work with PanPastel and search different ways for using the colors.
I hope you like it. 

At first I stamped the Poinsettia and colored it in red, orange and gold. 

Sprayed with fixative and cut it out. 

The background is a mix with Panpastel Permanent Red and white Gesso. I smoothed the medium with the finger to the paper 

After drying I stamped a christmas words onto background and placed my Poinsettia. 

The edges of the ground card are also created with Red. So I have the perfect frame for my image. 

Have you any question please write a comment. 

creatieve groetjes,


PS: Thanks for your comments at the last time, your are great!

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Daphne zei

Looks good, I like the colors, the match each other really well